Saturday, July 04, 2009

Controlled-spending events

Tea parties are intended to get people who care about limiting the scope and control of government connected to each other. And to make a public showing of our beliefs. Waste? Heritage gives its first WASTE award to With unlimited funds the leader/controller of communications should be able to do a web site with half competency. But they didn't. Today, July 4, there are events from Walla Walla to Anacortes. Sequim, Wenatchee, Puyallup, TriCities, Bellingham and Clarkston (if you haven't been to Clarkston, go! It's beautiful.) Cowlitz County started over an hour ago. Olympia two of them - at the Capitol and a party Seattle area - Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue-Mercer Island Spokane Everett - See Pudge in action - singing at 12:30 before the event. See Washington State Tea Party Movement for details.


Fri. July 17 - Rally in front of the district offices of our senators and congressmen. I still don't have a link for this. And see Liberty Belle at Redistributing Knowledge for the Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty action network.

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