Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hand delivery of our message for Congress against health care takeover

"Don't give the government control of our health care." I joined a group at the entrance to the building housing Congressman Jim McDermott's office in downtown Seattle. Steve Beren, who has run against McDermott, was there and about 10 total. This was part of the Tea Party movement. People gathered at every congressional office in the state. We had a few signs and some of us had letters we took upstairs. We were treated politely by the staff. On the street I saw no negative reaction at all during the 20 minutes I was there, many smiles and thumbs up and a few people engaged in discussion. I have called and written to McDermott many times in the 25+ years he was supposed to be representing me in Congress. But this is the first time I have taken time off work to go to his office.


Liberty Belle says that EVERY office in the state had Tea Party demonstrators, despite my wrong address for Cong. Reichert. And in Everett there were 200!

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