Thursday, July 02, 2009

A slugger for Minnesota

Minnesota gets what they want. They want a buffoon and elected him. They want a man who cannot control himself? In a disagreement with Laura Ingraham's producer at a national party convention in 2004 Al Franken slugged the producer. It wasn't a fight, just a slug by an uncontrolled person. He can't control himself. The talk radio hosts, despite differences of opinion, elected him Talker of the Year a year or two ago for his show on that bankrupt liberal radio network. He got up at the banquet and spewed poison at them to show his thanks. He may have been in control, but full of hatred. Minnesota, you want him. Hatred. Out of control. OK, you have him. Watch out, US Senate, now he is coming at you. Treat him with the respect he deserves and practice how to protect your body against physical attack.

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