Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AARP is backing away from Obama

The AARP - the largest organization of senior citizens - has been a reliable supporter of every proposal for concentrating more power in the central government. But they are moving away from Obama. Maybe they are listening to their lemmings, I mean, "members." The opposition is gaining. Political News - :
A group usually seen as one of Barack Obama's allies in the health care debate -- AARP -- says the president went too far Tuesday when he said the seniors lobby had endorsed the legislation pending in Congress. AARP is sensitive to the issue because polls show that Medicare beneficiaries are worried their health care program will be cut to subsidize coverage for the uninsured. At the town hall in Portsmouth, N.H., Obama said, "We have the AARP onboard because they know this is a good deal for our seniors." He added, "AARP would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining Medicare." But Tom Nelson, AARP's chief operating officer, said, "Indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate."
Political observers say AARP got caught by their members. That behind the scenes its leaders are saying "Yes. We support your government takeover," while in public they remained uncommitted. They expected their "members" to remain passive. But its stench is too strong and the members made the leadership make a public statement.

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