Saturday, August 08, 2009

Don't feel sorry for California

Don't feel sorry for California. While they were in a deep hole budget deficit they kept digging. State employees increased by 0.7% while private employment decreased by 6%. They still haven't faced up to the seriousness of the problem. State keeps hiring despite recession - San Jose Mercury News: California's state government has managed to add thousands of jobs during the past year, defying a mammoth budget deficit and a brutal recession. The job growth for state workers contrasts with the loss of 759,000 jobs in California's private industry in the past 12 months. "I don't know how this can happen," said David Kline, a spokesman for the California Taxpayers Association. "A lot of people are having trouble keeping their jobs, paying their bills and feeding their families. Most taxpayers would be incredulous if they see these numbers." During the 12 months that ended in June, state government added 3,600 jobs in California, according to numbers compiled by the California Employment Development Department. That's a 0.7 percent gain, even as private industry posted a 6 percent decrease in its total job base. Lynelle Jolley, a spokeswoman for the Department of Personnel Administration, said those jobs have been added in the University of California and California State University systems. She said the executive branch, which includes the bulk of state workers outside of the Legislature, the judiciary and higher education, lost 600 jobs over that time. But critics believe cutting jobs, not hiring thousands, should have been the answer to the recession. "When there is no money left in the till, you should economize and cut back on spending," Kline said.

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