Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A few days at Warm Beach

Our church just had our annual camp at Warm Beach Christian Conference Center overlooking Port Susan (branch of Puget Sound) and the delta of the Stillaguamish River. It's a beautiful place. Recovering from my injury and 5 months on crutches and 8 requiring a cane, I was able to lead a hike with my wife. It was family-oriented so we kept it short, but steep - we warned everyone. Kayak Point County Park and here. It's great to have extra time with people we know and friends from far away - Chandler/Gilbert (Phoenix), Arizona and Thailand. In the nine previous years a few people have come from Thailand or Malaysia, but none this year. There were people who traveled from Las Vegas, Anchorage, Alaska, Portland, Oregon and other Washington cities, including Bellingham.

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