Friday, August 28, 2009

ABC, NBC refuse to air ad critical of Obamacare

ABC is refusing an ad about Obama's health care takeover that focuses on the effects on Medicare. They gave Obama a whole day of worship. But they are rejecting this ad because it is partisan? It shows the facts that Obama hides. If that is partisan then it should be encouraged. And ABC can show both sides; the opposition is paying to show its message. American Thinker Blog: ABC, NBC refuse to air ad critical of Obamacare:
The two networks are couching their refusal to run the ad in platitudes and nonsensenical, double standards. The fact is, the ad is devastating and both NBC, whose programming on MSNBC demonstrates its rank partisanship, and ABC, who promoted Obamacare with a day long orgy of Obama worship, refuse to run it because of it's effectiveness.
Read about it at American Thinker.

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