Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am going to vote for Initiative 1033 because it's a smart way to limit spending that has some safety valves. If an emergency occurs, like the politicians have claimed every year since I was born, they can convince the voters and the voters can choose to raise their taxes. I-1033 allows keeping a rainy-day fund; it allows tax increases by vote; borrowing is allowed; and the legislature can change it after two years. Oh oh, another emergency is coming... In the link Eyman compares I-1033 to Colorado's TABOR. His summary is below the link. Sound Politics: EYMAN CONTRASTS I-1033 WITH COLORADO: Initiative 1033 contains proven policy which is eminently reasonable -- it allows government an automatic increase every year equal to the growth of the economy. It has a built-in safety valve, the same as I-601: if government thinks the automatic increase isn't a big enough increase, they can go to the voters and ask for more. I-1033, just like I-601, allows the people, and not the politicians, to decide how fast government grows and how big a tax burden we can afford. I-601's fiscal discipline worked, it will work again with the passage of I-1033.

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