Monday, October 05, 2009

Support investigative journalism Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm

The Seattle Times has the story but has not investigated it. Why be so shy? A group of citizens is going to encourage them to move forward. As Sound Politics reported in early September: According to their expenditures report filed to the PDC, Citizens to Uphold the Constitution, paid $11,300.25 to Washington, D.C.-based vendor, "The Clinton Group," to perform robocalls attacking Susan Hutchison. The sponsor of the group who purchased the vendor services is named as Jason Bennett, who, according to the Seattle Times article, is also Dow Constantine's treasurer. The situation appears to be a violation of RCW 42.17.020 and WAC 390-05-210. The RCW, in section 28, defines independent expenditure, which forbids collaboration between a candidate (the candidate's campaign staff or any agent of that campaign) and a group or person purchasing advertising for that candidate or against the candidate's opponent. Event: Help the Times Speak Truth to Power Host: Citizens for Fair Reporting Tuesday, October 6, 2009 2:00pm - 3:00pm Location: Seattle Times Building 1120 John Street, Seattle, just north of Denny on Fairview Avenue See also at Facebook WHAT THIS IS ABOUT: Investigative reporters at the Seattle Times have unearthed a HUGE scandal of dirty money blatantly corrupting the elections process. The story they are sitting on could especially be a game-changer in an important non-partisan, county-wide race. A local blogger broke the story, but the Times has been unwilling to follow up--yet. Join us as well rally together to show our support for the paper, and encourage them to come forward with this important information to the voting public at-large! Bring a sign showing your support for the paper, and condemning the influence of special interest money on our elections process. Then join us for FREE PIZZA after the event. BACKGROUND: The Seattle Times has a long and proud history of excellence in investigate reporting... of "Speaking Truth to Power" (see below for links). Part of the Times mission is: "Be fiercely independent. Hold those with power accountable and call readers to action. Look for stories that compel readers and community leaders to act. Challenge authority. Give voice to the powerless. Right wrongs." RIGHT NOW the Times needs your support and encouragement. Show up and let the newspaper know you support their efforts to keep our elections process honest, and keep special interest money form buying elections. Thank them for their hard work in the past, and encourage them to keep at it, no matter how much pressure they are under. SEE THE LINKS POSTED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FOR MORE SPECIFIC INFO ON THE STORY THE TIMES IS SITTING ON. If you are working towards a career in journalism or media this MATTERS to you! If you think our community is stronger with a great independent paper, this MATTERS to you! SO SHOW UP! As the Times says: "Freedom of the press belongs to the people." HOW TO GET THERE: BUS ROUTES NEARBY: 70, 71, 72, 73, 83 Links: Hutchison Campaign Says Constantine May Have Engaged in “Illegal” Campaign Activity - Publicola The trouble with Dow Constantine | Angie Vogt - Federal Way Mirror INFO ON SEATTLE TIMES AWARDS FOR JOURNALISM: TIMES' ELEVEN ELEMENTS OF EXCELLENCE, SEE:

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