Monday, May 02, 2011

Baby Ryan

Our niece's son has had a rough first three months. He was born despite his mother's significant health challenges. Soon after birth a clot blocked blood circulation to his liver, so it died. He stayed in the hospital and got little time at home. He got the liver transplant he needed at Seattle Children's Hospital. The one he received was so large that his abdomen could not be closed up for I don't know how long.
I haven't collected all the details. But he has been in the hospital more than out in his first three months of life.

Gini and I - more her than I - have helped mother Abby by watching him while she gets lunch. And today Gini took the early shift; it's best to have someone there by 8 AM to be with him.

He is a pretty nice little guy. God bless you, Ryan. You will be walking before this time next year.

Photos: Mother Abby with him and Gini with him. Click to enlarge.

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