Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obama/Biden stimulus for tax cheats

VP Biden promised he would make sure not one dollar of their $787 billion (actual cost about $837 B) would be wasted. Is he asleep or ...?

Thousands of recipients received our tax dollars while they owed taxes to the US. Two nonprofits that owed $3 M received over $1 million.

What is VP Biden doing about this? No sign of action.
Michele Malkin


Anonymous said...

"The leftists who always promote tolerance cannot tolerate the success of Fox News Channel. "

Incorrect. Not "leftists"...but specifically Mediamatters. Looking at their website, the only reason for Mediamatters to exist is to combat fox news. It is ignorant and lazy to lump all progressive/liberal/democrats/what have you in with Mediamatters.

I thought there was a human behind this blog who wanted to promote responsible money management and financial planning, but it's been nothing but right wing propaganda. If you have something useful to say on this topic you would probably have more visitors to this site.

Ron said...

I treat anonymous comments with the respect they deserve.

What leftist is confronting Mediamatters against their attack on Fox News? Silence.

This blog is not about financial planning. It is about freedom, specifically economic freedom. Much of America's prosperity is because of the relative freedom we have to create our own success. I am not constrained by who my father was; I can make it on my own.