Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tea party patriot Michael Prell in Seattle Thursday

Michael Prell of Tea Party Patriots will be in Seattle Thursday May 19. Tea Party Patriots is the real tea party nonorganization. Being the national organization of tea parties it might appear to be central leadership but it's not. This national organization aids local tea parties to get training, to network, to be effective, but refuses to lead.

Michael Prell: Defeating Underdogmatism

Thursday, May 19 6:00 pm

Townhall - 8th and Seneca - Seattle - Enter on 8th Avenue

Cost: $5

Event Link


The Underdogma website

The book at Tea Party Patriots

“Underdogma,” says Tea Party Patriots strategist Michael Prell, is the belief that those who have less power are good simply because they have less power. In Prell’s view, it’s a corrosive reflex that threatens our fundamental values and undermines American influence around the world. His latest book, Underdogma, argues that our nation can be reunified by re-embracing American exceptionalism.

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