Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thailand flooding

Our friends in Thailand have a terrible problem with flooding. Rains in the north months ago caused huge runoff that, flowing to the south, started hitting Bangkok a few days ago. Bangkok is low and flat. Runoff can affect the whole city. For better or worse the city has some canals. But the authorities don't know if allowing the runoff into them will help or not. But they are using them.

News -- Hard disk drive prices rising. Huh? Thailand make parts for around half the world's production. Reuters
-- Ancient city of Atthaya flooded (Oct. 23) Earth Observatory

Google has set up a resource center for just this event: Google

Google shows areas of flooding, closed roads and highways... Shelters... Where one can park - hey it's a problem when the your city is low and flooding - "I don't want my car ruined, but the ground is near sea level for miles. Where can I park my car on higher ground? "

Our friends: The House of Glory Church in Bangkok. Pastor Kritiya Sawatkaew. We call her Note. Our church, New Hope International Church in Mercer Island, WA, (also Mountlake Terrace, WA) has about thirteen more "daughter" churches in Thailand (plus some in the US).

Photo: This method of escape is not recommended. From


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