Monday, February 13, 2012

Dr. Art Coday for Senate

Dr. Art Coday is running for the US Senate seat kept warm by Maria Cantwell. Coday is a Harvard-trained, primary-care medical doctor whose practice is with Medicare and Medicaid patients. He ran two years ago, but stepped down when Dino Rossi announced his candidacy. He then ran for legislature and outperformed Dino Rossi in a strong Democrat district.

Coday is very effective at explaining limited government and growth-oriented economic policy and knows health-care issues including Obamacare inside out.

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sherpa_dad said...

I was first impressed by Dr. Coday in a short interview with Robert Mak. He aced it and won my vote. He was a better selection than Dino Rossi, and certainly, Patty Murray then. Since, I have gotten to know him much better. He is a man of honor and integrity, someone who will represent us ALL (Washingtonians & Americans) well. Don't know much about Baumgartner or Cantwell now. Doesn't matter. It isn't what they do or have done that matters. It's all about that which Dr. Coday brings to the table. He's certainly got my vote!