Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puget Sound Explorers - Key Peninsula

My kind of people - explorers. They blog their explorations at Puget Sound Explorers.

They recently spent a day where I spend days every months - Key Peninsula in South Puget Sound, west of Tacoma. They spent time at Creviston Valley Farm and Trillium Creek Winery. I haven't taken in this farm yet, but I have had the tour at the winery and bought their wine. I am not the person to carefully judge wines, but I will buy theirs again.

Longbranch and Lakebay

There is much more to include in an exploration of Key Peninsula.
  • Bed and breakfasts - Glen Cove Hotel is big on hosting weddings.
  • Shoreline State Parks - Penrose Point, which is a star, and Joemma Beach, which is nice.
  • Lavender Farms - at least two of them.
  • Parks. For such a laid-back rural area the city and county parks are pretty good. There is even a new little park with beach access.
  • Historic churches - I have yet to explore, but there are some at Vaughn Bay, Longbranch, and …
  • And for strange history, the town of Home, which had its post office closed, then the post office of tiny Lakebay was moved there. Yes, a town whose post office has the name of another. I need to find a good write up of this.

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