Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The perfect progressive city - Detroit

Detroit was very successful in 1950 - highest per capita income of all US cities. But then they adopted every progressive dream. And look how far Detroit has fallen.

Some of the dream policies -

- A "living wage" ordinance, far above the federal minimum wage, for all public employees and private contractors.
- A school system that spends significantly more per pupil than the national average.
- A powerful school employee union that militantly defends the exceptional pay, benefits and job security it has won for its members.
- Other government employee unions that do the same for their members.
- A tax system that aggressively redistributes income from businesses and the wealthy to the poor and to government bureaucracies.

Detroit is a corrupt, bankrupt mess. Do you think it is a coincidence? Not likely.

Mackinac Center in Michigan

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