Monday, February 06, 2012

Seattle South Park bridge under construction

I admit that this is not a story with wide interest. But I grew up in West Seattle and worked for Boeing for decades. And my last Boeing project before retiring was with Flight Test. Flight Test is located at Boeing Field, of course, but several hundred people, including me, were/are across the Duwamish River in South Park. So during my last four months of work I drove over this bridge every day.

The 16th Ave SW bridge aka South Park bridge was closed in June, 2010, due to age and just plain wearing out. The politicians showed up for the cameras, but didn't work together to get its replacement going until after it closed. Construction is began in August, 2011, and the new bridge is scheduled to open in mid 2013.

The official page for the project - King County 
West Seattle blog is also following it, of course, with recent photos from pilot/photographer Long B. Nguyen.

Photo: The green squares are the supports for the new bridge, next to the remains of the old bridge. By Long B. Nguyen

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