Saturday, February 04, 2012

Take another year off, Senator Cantwell

Honorable Senator Harry Reid announced that his Senate won't fulfill the budget process this year. The Democrats' budget would be the rough numbers that were cobbled together behind closed doors in the crush of the Obama-made debt-ceiling crisis last August.

Why would he want to write a budget? If they build the budget they have to show the American public how they plan to spend more than they bring in. And how they plan to raise taxes.

For cover Senator Conrad of ND intends to do the first step of the process, then set it on the shelf. That won't fulfill the process required by the budget law either.

Follow the law? Harry Reid?

And what will our two senators do with all their free time? Take another year off. This is the third year they have flouted the law and not built the budget.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions responded: (The Hill)
“It’s been more than 1,000 days since Senate Democrats have offered a budget plan to the American people," Jeff Sessions (Ala.), the ranking Republican on the budget committee, said in a statement. “Now, once again, the Senate’s ineffectual Democrat majority balks at the task of leadership.” 
Sessions argued Senate Democrats don’t want to spell out a long-term budget plan for fear of public scrutiny. 
"[Reid] obviously continues in his belief that it would be politically foolish for his members to go on record in support of any long-term vision," he said. "But by refusing to lay out a budget plan for public examination — a fact no one can deny — the Democrat Senate has forfeited the high privilege to lead this chamber." 
… Sessions argued that the spending caps under the debt-limit agreement "crafted behind closed doors and rushed to passage at the 11th hour under threat of panic, do not even approach the definition of the budget process that the [Budget Control Act] law requires." 
"They are not in any way or any sense a Senate Democrat budget plan," Sessions said.
"There is no argument that can be made that these caps are a long-term vision for this country — not on taxes, not on entitlements, not on spending, not on debt."
Senator Charles "Chucky" Schumer of New York joined Reid,
"They're attacking us because they have nothing better to do. They need something else to talk about."
Via Daily Caller

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