Saturday, January 19, 2013

Maps in context!

I just discovered something I need: there is a Wikipedia relative that links geographic mentions in articles to Google's world map.

I am reading Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet by Eric Metaxis. I was trying to find where he located his Finkenwalde seminary. A Bing search lead me to Dietrich Bonhoeffer at TheFullWiki. There one can see that Finkenwalde's first location near Stettin was on the Oder River in Pomerania; now the city is Szczecin, Poland. Of course all other places mentioned in the article are mapped.

And Bradford Washburn, the pioneering American climber and cartographer has his Alaska and Yukon first ascents mapped at TheFullWiki, as well. Though the article contains substantial errors. His first ascents of 17,000-foot  Mount Lucania and Mount Bertha in the Fairweather Range are in Yukon, Canada, but are listed under "Selected Alaska first ascents." Someone has to correct that.

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