Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome Sound Politics readers

Welcome Sound Politics readers. Please leave a comment. When you do please use your real name and email address. The caustic commenters at Sound Politics hide behind anonymity while calling me names. And my identity is known.


Patrick McArdle said...

"The caustic commenters at Sound Politics hide behind anonymity..."

Because the strident, bitter posts you guys write there might trigger an unhinged reader to act out violently against a commenter who brings the facts to disprove your post. This country has no shortage of gun nuts willing to shoot up a medical clinic or school on the slightest provocation.

Also, if you don't want "caustic comments" on your posts, try not making criminal accusations based on discredited evidence, as you did in your whiny, bitter rant about Governor Chris Gregoire.

In a similar vein, if you don't like being called names, try to show a little class once in a while. Just sayin'.

Ron said...

I wonder who left the first comment. It arrived here from "no-replay."

Patrick McArdle said...

I can see my name perfectly well at the top of the first comment. Perhaps you need to adjust your browser?

Likewise, if you want to demand real names and e-mail addresses for comments here, that's fine, but set your blogging software to accept e-mail addreses. Even Sound Pitiful does that, and that place exists to show how blogging is pretty much the opposite of rocket science.

Finally, I provided my name ANd e-mail address in the text of my response to your whiny, bitter rant about outgoing Governor Gregoire, but I loaded so much reality into that comment, I doubt you'll ever go anywhere near it.