Saturday, January 26, 2013

Noncitizens voting in Washington

Washington is registering non-citizens to vote. Why?

A Canadian citizen with green card residing in Washington received a voter registration card. We don't know in which county, etc., this happened but I have a friend who had the same thing happen.

Why? John Hinderaker reports at PowerLine Blog.
A reader emailed earlier today to say that he and his wife recently moved to Washington State. His wife is a Canadian citizen who has a green card. Much to their surprise, she received in the mail a voter registration card issued by the county in which they live, informing her that “You are registered to vote.” Our reader writes: 
My wife is a Canadian citizen, has her green card, and just received her voter registration card in the mail. Not sure what’s up with that, she did not do anything to actively register to vote. We have no idea how she became a registered voter, unless they’re simply registering all residents here in Washington State automatically. 
The card says, “You are registered to vote.” It adds, “Your ballot will arrive by mail.”
Graphic from PowerLine. Click to enlarge.