Sunday, July 13, 2014

Democrat candidate shoots stuffed elephant in his own ad

Democrat Estakio Beltran shoots a stuffed elephant in his video ad. He makes it clear that he is symbolically shooting Republicans. He is running for the seat in Congress being vacated by Doc. Hastings - central Washington.


According to the Seattle Times the shooting only bothers conservatives. Candidate Beltran was not available to defend his actions in the ad and his judgement in running it. 

The video opens with the blue-jeans wearing Beltran posing with hands on hips alongside an arid landscape by a country road. “They call me a long shot. They say I can’t win in this district,” Beltran says. “But what happens to an elephant when it stands around, doing nothing, for too long?”

The camera pans to an elephant pinata, and then back to Beltran, who shoulders a pump-action shotgun and blasts the Republican Party symbol in the rear. “My name is Estakio Beltran,” the candidate says, racking the shotgun. “And I approved this message.”

Beltran then rides off on a burro toward a sign pointing toward the U.S. Capitol.

The ad may have been intended as humorous, but some conservative websites are questioning the message, arguing Democrats would flip out if a GOP candidate blasted away at a symbol of the Democratic Party.

Beltran must not know the record of the Republican-led US House of Representatives. They have passed lots of bills through the normal process of committee hearings. But when they go to Harry Reid’s Senate Harry stuffs them.

But Beltran is very sensitive about handguns and rifles:

Last month, Beltran criticized Republican candidate Clint Didier for giving away two pistols and a rifle to publicize his campaign and his support of the Second Amendment.

Beltran questioned the sensitivity of Didier’s gun giveaway coming after the June 5 shooting at Seattle Pacific University that left one person dead and two wounded. He told the Tri-City Herald he was a supporter of gun rights but “sensitive to the grief” surrounding recent shootings.

Didier didn’t take a shot at his opponent. Beltran did. The ad is currently on YouTube.

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