Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gaza focus - Egypt involved and a cease fire

Elliott Abrams has some wise ideas on how the bring an end to the firing between Israel and Gaza.

First, trust Egypt to be key in the negotiations. Egypt shares interests with Israel. Hamas is a threat to Egypt also. If Qatar or Turkey intervene they have no such interest and might give the store to Hamas.

Cease fire - now. Don’t reward Hamas for firing on civilians. No fancy agreement, just a cease fire.

Eliot Abrams at CFR blog:

The best thing Secretary Kerry can do this weekend is tell Qatar and Turkey that the United States supports Israel and Egypt, and we want a quick, plain, and simple cease-fire–with no gains for Hamas. The terrorist group cannot be permitted to improve its situation by putting millions of Palestinians and Israelis at risk, hiding behind mosques and hospitals and schools, shooting thousands of rockets at civilians, and causing day after day of death and destruction.

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