Monday, October 13, 2014

Columbus Day in Seattle

Christopher Columbus Pier 57 Seattle

Seattle is in the news because they fired Christopher Columbus.  Last week the City Council voted to replace his day by Indigenous Peoples Day.

But Seattle demoted Columbus years ago. The city installed this statue of Columbus facing Elliott Bay in 1978 in a prominent park along the much traveled waterfront. Notice the hole in his head. Yes, a hole. And the emptiest stare I ever recall seeing.

Roadside America calls it the ugliest statue of Columbus. Is there competition for the title? And it reports that local sculptor Douglas Bennett never got another commission for a statue. (Not verified.) Location: It is where Pier 58 would be, south of the Seattle Aquarium and north of Pier 57 and the giant wheel.

For his straight story:

The photo: screen capture from Panoramio.