Saturday, October 04, 2014

Vertigo-inducing attractions

Jasper glacier skywalk

In the past few years around the world attractions are being designed and built so the paying public face experience vertigo - bridges with glass floors, etc. This is aside from bungee jumping and zip lines. These are places you walk! Here are a few:

Sochi, Russia - SkyBridge - The 439-metre-long SkyBridge lies 207 metres above the Krasnaya Polyana valley, and forms part of the Sochi SkyPark, located to the north-east of this year's Winter Olympic host city.

Telegraph UK

Southern Spain - Caminito del Rey - It’s one meter wide along a vertical cliff. It closed after fatalities in 1999 and 2000.

Telegraph UK

Pingjang, Hunan, China - glass floored swinging bridge.

Telegraph UK

Jasper National Park, Canada - Glacier Skywalk - 280 meters above the Sunwapta Valley. Glass floor juts out 30 meters.

Telegraph UK again

Chamonix, France - Step into the Void aka Pas dans la Vide. A glass box, not very big, that cantilevers over the sheer mountain cliff about 1,000 meters (3,100 feet) above the valley.

Telegraph UK encore

Grand Canyon, Arizona - Skywalk. This is the first of these I heard of. It is not in the national park, but in the Havasupai Reservation. They haul people there from Las Vegas. Their website.


And… There are more. Buildings in Chicago, Macau (next to Hong Kong), Melbourne, Australia, Singapore. Railroads. Gondolas. The mountains of Austria. The Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, BC, Canada is not in the league with all the others.

See the photo gallery at - of course - Telegraph UK gallery

The photo: Glacier Skywalk at Jasper NP, Canada. Link

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