Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Incredible mountain photos

RobertBesch Matterhorn lighted for Mammut

Robert Bosch has taken amazing photos - people in/on the mountains. These are not photoshops. Each photo was taken with live people arranged as in the photo.

In this photo they commemorated the 150th anniversary of the first climb of the Matterhorn by illuminating the route. I count 46 lights/climbers. By my eyeball measurement at Google Earth, they are spread over 1,130 vertical meters, which is about 3,500 feet! Some of them had to wait a long time - at night - for this pic. And, as I understand it, the climbers were on the mountain all night for a second round of photos in the morning, due to clouds during the first set.

My Modern Met

A short video about making it. German with subtitles.


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