Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why new ebola cases in Texas, not Atlanta, Nebraska or Maryland?

Why are there new ebola cases in Texas, but in not Atlanta, Nebraska or Maryland? Health-care workers with ebola were flown from Africa to hospitals there. What is the difference between those three and Dallas, Texas?

Special biocontamination units. There are only four hospitals in the US with these. A BC unit is a combination of equipment and training (and regular retraining) to safely handle dangerous infectious. And it’s no coincidence that the patients brought from Africa went where they went: to those hospitals that have the special biocontamination units. There is a fourth - St. Patricks Hospital in Missoula, Montana. Montana!!

Is Texas Presbyterian particularly bad for its ebola procedures? No. It is like in the ballpark of every other hospital in the country. The good news is bad news.


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