Sunday, October 12, 2014

US Surgeon General quiet on ebola

Surgeon General Elders

Why isn't the US Surgeon General (nice uniform!) in the lead on Ebola? Because there isn’t one.

Harry Reid’s US Senate had hearings on nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy in March. But Majority Leader Reid has not scheduled a vote. Why?

Because President Obama nominated a person who says firearms is/are a health care issue. And Democrats in tight races don’t want the issue in plain view and don’t want to vote on him. So Honorable Harry Reid refuses to have a vote on Obama’s nominee.

Why doesn’t our president get this solved? He said he is a uniter. Again, Obama is leading from behind.

It’s in the Daily Mail UK. Not the Seattle Times. (They covered the story last March…)

The photo: Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders in the 1990s. We never figured out why Clinton kept her in office after she made outrageous statements, repeatedly.

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