Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Eagle by (near) Bill

Riding my bicycle to work I pass below the main Microsoft campus. It's up a 150-foot hill and not directly accessible. I passed, then I had gone about 3 blocks on West Lake Samamish Way, approaching Lake Samamish, when I heard the now familiar "Skree-ee." I looked up and at the very top of an 80-foot fir tree was a bald eagle! This is a nice suburban area and I was on a street that carries quite a bit of traffic during commute time. For two other suburban eagle sitings see (For some reason Blogger wants to pollute my URL by appending the blog URL. So you might have to copy and paste the link. I will solve this later.)

1 comment:

tradersmith said...

I am seeing more and more eagles and hawks myself.

I hope they get all those blasted crows.

Very, very majestic.

Between Snohomish and Monroe on US2 where the poplar farm is, we always look for hawk and see them quite regularly. Once in a while we see eagle. Highlight of our trip to Eastern Washington.