Sunday, May 22, 2005

Offline - Paparazzi

I was offline this weekend. At our beach cabin I use the neighbors' wifi internet access, with their permission. But it was offline this weekend. -- Note the scar at the left - a recent slide. It dropped many tons about 60 feet. Could have killed a bunch of unlucky people.


Friday I was riding my bicycle to work and ran into a friend from my neighborhood and our former church who is a network admin at Microsoft. Riding with him and a coworker, as we approached Red Hook and St. Michelle winery, the coworker said "that's where the paparazzi wedding is going to be."The what!?" "Mary Key Letourneau" - shame - who spent 7 years in prison for raping her 6th grade student and getting pregnant. The coworker had gotten email from the UK saying the wedding would be at a winery in Woodinville. On my ride home I saw temporary tents set up. But the wedding was at 10 pm that night at the other winery nestled next to both St. Michelle and Red Hook brewery - Columbia Winery.

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