Saturday, May 28, 2005

Squatters make parks unattractive to visitors - Hawaii

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin published a letter of mine on May 3. They didn't contact me to verify that I sent it, like the Seattle Times does. It was a quick write, less than the effort I would put in if I was aiming to be published. More like "they better get some letters on this..." Squatters make parks unattractive to visitors (scroll down)
If Hawaii repeals Act 50, the "squatter law," then you will allow people to live in parks and on beaches. Don't say it's because people have no place to live. If necessary they will provide for themselves. But you are going to provide the parks and beaches. I have been to Hawaii about 20 times, lived there two years, and been there five of the past seven years. So I have seen the problem. The beach I have walked a hundred times had people sleeping in cars when we were there in February. If you give the beaches over for people to live, where should tourists like me go? Ron Hebron Seattle, Wash.
The story I was referring to: Repeal of squatters law advances at Legislature As I said: the resort on Maui we have stayed at at least 15 times - lost count - is on a great beach - fine sand, 3 miles long. When we are there I take a one-hour walk starting before sunrise every day and most days do anther walk of at least 30 minutes. A highway runs parallel to the beach for about a mile. And people spend the night in their junker cars and trucks - I see them at sunrise! Now, I know that fishermen want to get an early start and some do it by sleeping in their cars; I would too. But most are not fishermen. I think Hawaii's squatter law applies to people who set up residence in parks and on beaches, not to people who drive up and spend the night. But, still, their presence and their way of living junks up the place. I hope I can walk "Sugar Beach" many times more. It is the beach all the way across Maalaea Bay - the bay on the south side of Maui that defines the island's shape. Google Satellite photo The image you see depends on the size of your monitor. On this map it runs from Maalaea to Kihei at the "A." MapQuest Maui

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