Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Honoring 9-11 Victims and Responders

Six years ago the United States was attacked, an act of war. 3,000 people died at the two World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and on United Flight 93 in western Pennsylvania. Everyday people were attacked while going about their own business. And policemen, firemen, medical people, etc. rushed toward the flames, rather than away. Hundreds of them are among the dead. And everyday people risked or gave their lives to help others. Today we remember both victims and heroes. And the war is not over. While young men and women are voluntarily going into harm's way to take down the extremist Islam that is attacking us US senators wearing suits in comfort are disdaining the. Senator Chuck Schumer is aiding our enemies by declaring our defeat. He even declared our military to be incompetent. How can he face people today who risk their lives to protect his? See Senator Chuck speak his cowardly words at Hugh Hewitt.com Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez accelerates the downward rush by insulting Petraeus to his face. And Move On.org showed the Democratics colors by taking out a full-page ad in a New York newspaper "General Petraeus or General Betray Us."

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