Friday, September 14, 2007

Wal-Mart saves every family $2,500 per year

Wal-Mart saves you money, even if you never set foot there. Wal-Mart continuously drives prices down. This requires their competitors to find ways to lower prices also. At the same time the quality has to stay good. The result is lower prices for every one. CNS News
A study released by Wal-Mart on Wednesday indicates the world's largest retailer now saves American families an average of $2,500 a year, up 7.3 percent from 2004... "From the family vacation to a daughter's wedding, the savings American families realize at Wal-Mart bring the good things in life a good deal closer," said Stephen Quinn, Wal-Mart's chief marketing officer, in a news release on Wednesday.
The big factors:
  • Price leadership. By continuously rolling back prices on thousands of products, Wal-Mart is helping millions of Americans manage high gas prices and rising interest rates, with 20 percent more rollbacks than last year;
  • $4 prescription drugs. Wal-Mart has lowered the price of more than 100 generic prescriptions to $4. By providing access to drugs for 90 percent of all therapeutic categories, the company has saved customers $350 million since it launched the program; and
  • Money centers. With Wal-Mart's everyday low pricing on money services - including check cashing, money orders, bill payment and money transfers - customers can save 25 to 50 percent over what other leading money service providers charge and save $450 each year.

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