Monday, September 10, 2007

Ignore history and "find" worst warming ever - update

Polar bears drowning due to ice melting? Wake up, Albert Gore, Jr. The Northwest Passage in the north of Canada has been navigated multiple times - in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Boats/ships sailed in water - through ice, yes - but in water.
Built for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force to serve as a supply ship for isolated, far-flung Arctic RCMP detachments, St. Roch was also designed to serve when frozen in for the winter, as a floating detachment, with its constables mounting dog sled patrols from the ship. Between 1929 and 1939 St. Roch made three voyages to the Arctic. Between 1940 and 1942 St. Roch navigated the Northwest Passage, arriving in Halifax harbor on October 11, 1942. St. Roch was the second ship to make the passage, and the first to travel the passage from west to east. In 1944, St. Roch returned to Vancouver via the more northerly route of the Northwest Passage, making her run in 86 days. The epic voyages of St. Roch demonstrated Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic during the difficult wartime years, and extended Canadian control over its vast northern territories
More at Newsbusters 13 Sept 2007 The Wall Street Journal has an article today - subscription required And this great Flash graphic/show. Check each tab. First crossing in one season was the Canadian ship St. Roche in 1944.

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