Friday, March 05, 2010

The Democrats dream of an income tax

The Senate had a hearing about their proposed income tax yesterday afternoon. But of course they don't call it that; they call it a sales tax reduction. Fooled you! You didn't know about the hearing because they gave less than five hours notice. It was plenty of time for Evergreen College students to turn out in force. They Dems like what the students say. And I hear that the text of the bill wasn't available until less than an hour before the hearing. Why? They are saying they just "want to give voters their choice." Nice. But they don't want to give us a choice on reducing spending, just raising taxes. A state income tax would require amending the state constitution due to a Supreme Court ruling in 1933 and that requires a 2/3 vote of the public. But, ignoring the constitution, the Demos intend to give the voters a referendum that would only require majority vote, not the constitutional amendment that requires 2/3, according the to Andrew Garber of the Seattle Times. This is for YOU. The current proposal is to TAX THE RICH. But once they put the structure in place they will redefine "rich" lower and lower and lower. Not that they will want to, but conditions will force them to. And the tax rate will go up and up and up. Because they just can't cut spending. AND they won't have to cut spending. So the income tax will get you sooner or later. Do you want it? The voters in Oregon voted yes in January and employers are moving out. Do you want the same? Also KIRO.

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