Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New GE site featuring Reagan

GE - General Electric - has decided that it doesn't need to hide its long relationship with Ronald Reagan. They have instituted a web site honoring him on his centenial. Among other features, Rudi Guiliani describes how Reagan took on the Soviets in the Cold War with purpose and strategy and won.
Before Ronald Reagan came along the West was dangerously close to losing its will. Soviet leaders were flush with confidence, their communist policies on the march, while in the West many in the so-called foreign policy establishment accepted the doctrines of moral equivalence and inevitable coexistence. Reagan realized that, to win the Cold War, the West had to rediscover its confidence. It had to be galvanized around not just the idea of freedom, but the principle that every person in the world had a right to be free. Reagan understood this truth and made it his purpose to communicate it to the world, as when he stood at the Brandenburg Gate and demanded, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
There are more pieces by celebrities and film clips. They sure find it hard to say Reagan won the Cold War. The usual mush about Gorbachov and Reagan ending it.


heyjack70 said...

I like this blog, but when you imply that Reagan won the cold war singlehandedly the left side of my brain calls BS.

I'm no history buff, but as any US president is really a nationally palatable figurehead for the party to which he belongs, it seems that any reasonable person would have a hard time saying that "Reagan won the cold war." Not to say that he didn't have a large hand in the ending of the cold war. Any major change is rarely the result of one person, and it takes at least two to tango.

Ron said...

Thanks for the poke, Heyjack. Saying Reagan won the Cold War was short hand. The West won and it took determined effort. Reagan thought the Soviet Union was corrupt and weak and beatable so he put together a strategy to put pressure on it. It broke and failed. Gorbachov tried to strengthen Communism; he gets credit for losing. I intend to do a post to flesh this out and back it up.