Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Want higher taxes? Then pay more

The Washington Legislature just can't find one more penny of spending to cut, so they have to force you and me to pay more for the state's high-paid employees. EFF WA They need a new source for the revenue they need. There are so many people in favor of higher taxes in this state; Olympia is crawling with them. Let them pay more "Don't cut here; don't cut there." Surely they will pay voluntarily pay higher taxes when they are given the opportunity. Hey, Legislature: Create a way that people can voluntarily pay additional taxes. Virginia tried it and collected $1500 this year. Old Dominion Watchdog
As disputes rage in Richmond over proposed fees to balance the troubled state budget, some citizens want to send even more than they have to into a fund that collects voluntary giving to the state. But not many. Contributions to the “Tax Me More Fund” have hovered between $1,000 and $1,700 most years ever since lawmakers created it in 2002, according to the Virginia Department of Taxation. Exceptions include the fund’s first year, when taxpayers contributed $6,602, and a low point in 2006 when $19.36 was do
Arkansas, Massachusetts, Kansas and New Hampshire have voluntary funds. Probably other states as well. And the United States government accepts gifts. Treasury Direct - They received $3 million last year from 300 million people; that's one cent per person. Update 4/5/10: In Boston Herald Howie Carr says the big talking liberals who like high taxes are not paying.

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