Thursday, March 04, 2010

Demos put up a phony McKenna for Governor web site

Seattle Times Politics NW blog:
How worried are state Democrats about Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna running for governor in 2012? They're already testing out some anti-McKenna attacks on a Web site: This was flagged for me in an e-mail from Steve Lawson, an Issaquah social media & communications consultant, who stumbled across the site Wednesday and blogged about it here. (Also check out Lawson's cool video biography.) The anti-McKenna Web site has been registered to the state Democratic Party since last June. That's shortly after McKenna hired Randy Pepple, a long-time Republican political consultant, as his chief of staff, a move ripped by Democrats as an overt sign McKenna was positioning himself to run for governor in 2012. The Democrats' Web site gives a pretty good indication of how they'll attack McKenna if he does run. It paints him as an anti-transit, hypocritical, self-promoter who also happens to be a closet ultraconservative. "They are afraid," said state Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser. "Good for Rob that they're concerned that he would be a very formidable candidate for governor." "We're just getting ready for him to run for governor," said Washington State Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Pelz. "I think McKenna has had a steady track record of turning the AG's office into sort of a press release mill to take on the popular issue of the day."
We see that Havana Dwight confessed.

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