Friday, November 05, 2010

$200 million PER DAY so Obama can celebrate - correction

Correction: The White House says the report by the India press is incorrect: the trip is not costing so much. Question, White House: How much will this 10-day trip cost? They won't say. But I have no correction on the trip's purpose: I quoted his own PR people. Yes. That's $200 million per day for 4 days. NDTV
Barack Obama, who became the first US president to personally celebrate Diwali in the historic East Room in 2009, wanted to "specifically" celebrate the festival of lights with Indians, the White House has said. "He (Obama) specifically wanted to have an opportunity to celebrate Diwali and to do so with the Indian people, getting beyond simply his official business,"
Isn't that nice? They want to party. At our expense.

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