Monday, November 08, 2010

Urban seals and deer

In the past 24 hours I have seen two baby harbor seals hauled out of Elliot Bay in West Seattle and a young buck deer on our own street in Lake Forest Park.

Mother harbor seals leave their babies on the beach, or on the rocks as as the second one I saw yesterday, while they goes fishing. It's not that rare to see a baby out of the water here. Of course people who know nothing about seals decide the little guy needs to be rescued and do stupid things to "help." But the wildlife lovers have gotten pretty organized in the past few years and get to the scene to put up signs and even yellow police tape to help people know it's hands off.

The deer is a first. There are wilder parts of LFP, but this is not one of them. My wife has lived most of her life within 3 blocks of where we are, but has never seen a deer here.

He was last seen traveling north on 39th Place NE, north of NE 165 St., which is just west of Bothell Way/Highway 522 and south of the LFP mall.

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