Friday, November 19, 2010

Attorney for Colton Harris-Moore threatens Island County government

How to get rougher treatment for your defendant? Attorney John Henry Browne threatened two of the many jurisdictions where he has charges pending. He will bankrupt them, he brags. Real smart.

Seattle Times

[Some cities and counties are waiting to see the outcome of federal charges]

... Others — in particular Island and San Juan counties — have balked at a consolidated resolution to the case, he said.
Browne said that if Island and San Juan counties insisted on going to trial, "they will go bankrupt" because of the trial costs.

"In Island County, they have budgeted $1,500 for the year for jury fees — for the year," Browne said. "I'll bankrupt them, that's fine with me."

Reached by phone, Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks said, "He will bankrupt us? This guy is amazing. I think that's a preposterous statement."

Banks said the county prosecutes 300 to 350 felony cases a year, along with about 1,800 misdemeanor cases. He said it could handle the Harris-Moore case.

Browne said Harris-Moore would not take any of the money if his story was sold in a book or movie deal.
The young man who stole several airplanes and boats, stole firearms and transported them across international frontiers is so pure. He doesn't care about little things like money. Believe that!

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