Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hugh and Dennis back on the air

Two of my four favorite talk-radio hosts disappeared last year with the repurposing of KOL 1300 to business programming. But starting yesterday they are back: Hugh Hewitt - 3 to 6 pm - and Dennis Prager - 9 am to noon - are back on KLFE: KLFE AM 1590 And some other very good hosts: William Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Miller and Mark Levin. All the programming is national hosts, no locals. Third-tier AM stations often don't have good signal coverage. KLFE has online streaming and IPhone and Blackberry apps for listening online! It was very hard to have KVI disappear two weeks ago. A good local host is worth two excellent national ones, despite my complaints about Bryan Suits spending too much time with ABC reporters who were overly safe and uninteresting. The local talker can put the heat on local issues, point out nonsense, like Nickelsville becoming McGinnville this week, and generally help focus the heat on elected officials and the unelected ones.

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