Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We can kick TSA out of SeaTac - update

Update at the bottom. Janet Napolitano's Transportation Security Agency has assigned its agents to look at an image of you naked or to feel down your body and not miss one square inch. The feel down is for those who decline the naked image plus those who set off an alarm. I have a hip replacement with a huge amount of stainless steel, so every time I fly I get their hands on my body. People are reacting. John Tyner in San Diego. Odessa, Texas. Why did Napolitano do this on Obama's behalf? Because last Christmas her TSA people ignored six indications that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a threat. (He was flying to Detroit in winter without a coat; on a one-way ticket; his father contacted the US to warn that he had become a jihadist; and three more) But, even if they ignored those six indicators, this intrusive pat down would have caught him with explosives in his underwear. Therefore, you have to be insulted every time you fly. But local airports can kick out Janet Napolitano's feelers. They can provide their own security. Screening Partnership Program (SPP) at TSA's web site
The Screening Partnership Program, also known as SPP or Opt-Out, is a unique approach to providing security screening services for air passengers and baggage. Under the program, an airport operator may apply to have security screening conducted by personnel from a qualified private contractor working under Federal oversight. The program was designed to meet the requirement of the "opt-out" provision established by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001, or ATSA. Airport operators have been able to apply to SPP to use private screeners since November 2004. Private contractor screeners are currently in place at nine airports across the country, combining private-sector operational expertise with TSA's technology, experience and resources. When a contract is awarded to an SPP airport, TSA works with the airport management and a qualified screening company to make a cost-effective and seamless transition from using TSA Transportation Security Officers to using private security screeners. Once the transition is complete, TSA's Federal Security Directors ensure all security standards are met and maintained
So the Port of Seattle that owns and operates Seattle-Tacoma International Airport can send Janet Napolitano and her feelers away, far away, and hire their own people or hire a contractor to provide security. Will they have to do the same thing? If Janet Napolitano has her way. I fear it's one of "... ensure all security standards are met," but I don't know. But having them work for our elected Seattle Port commissioners would make them more accountable. Update: Congressman Ron Paul introduced legislation to remind TSA that Americans have rights. HR 6416, the American Traveler Dignity Act at Economic Policy Journal. It reminds TSA that they are subject to the law also. 2d Update: Thomas Lifson at American Thinker says Orlando's second airport, Orlando Sanford, is kicking out Janet Napolitano's feelers and going with private security. IBTraveler

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