Friday, November 05, 2010

Fed printing money will hurt international monetary system

Interest rates are 0.25% - pretty close to zero. So the Fed has announced it is printing $600 billion over the next eight months in order to LOWER long-term interest rates. OK, long-term is not the same as short-term. But does this make sense. One of China's leaders says this might help the US, but will hurt everyone else, except China. Daily Caller
... The Fed announced this week that it would sink $600 billion into government bonds over the next eight months to lower long-term interest rates in an effort to revive economic growth “If the domestic policy is optimal policy for the United States alone, but at the same time it is not an optimal policy for he world, it may bring a lot of negative impact to the world. There is a spill over,” Zhou said. “We have to solve this problem by reforming the international currency system,” Zhou said, who gave no details on policy reforms. Some governments have expressed concern that lower U.S. interest rates will result in more money flooding into their markets seeking higher returns, pushing up exchange rates and hurting exports by making their goods more expensive.

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Anonymous said...

The federal reserve board is all jewish. I have a big problem with people who have dual citizenship to Israel and thus dual loyalties (no servant of the people can have two masters) dictating american monetary policies. Just who's idea was it to let foriegners print and control the Americas currency, and the billions and billions that get poured into Israel would be better spent on the American people who it came from.