Monday, May 27, 2013

Education choice for families

Everyone assumes the state has to have a monopoly on educating our kids. But when parents are given the option to decide where their kids go they are more involved. How about a system that gives them choices and saves money for the state? And businesses are looking for ways to improve education: Idea: Let them provide direct assistance to kids in schools.

Private Funded scholarships for K-12 education

The funding comes from private individuals and organizations donating money for scholarships, plus the state gives a tax credit which goes for the scholarship. All the money goes to an independent scholarship-granting organization, which provides the scholarships. Eligible recipients are families making less than 225% of the poverty-level income; in subsequent years the line is 275% (to avoid being eligible one year, but crossing the line the next = continuity). There will be a cap on donations.

A bill has been introduced in the Legislature to create this program in Washington. House Bill 2063 is sponsored by Reps. Pike, Klippert, Hargrove, Haler, Orcutt, Warnick and Magendanz.

Twelve states have this sort of program in place. The results: In Florida it is called Step Up for Students; the cap on donations is hit every year, even though they keep raising it. In Florida it is saving money: for every $1.00 in reduced revenues, the state save $1.44 in costs. Florida OPPAGA

There are positive results for student learning. Walton Foundation

Start small with small savings. But as the program grows the savings will also grow.

Via Jami Lund at Freedom Foundation

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