Saturday, May 04, 2013

Surprises among the ten wettest cities in US

I get a kick out of this. Wunderground's rules are only one city per state to spread things around.

Florida's representative at #7 is West Palm Beach. Surprise! - 62.33 average inches rainfall per year.

The West Coast is next with #4 Astoria, Oregon - 67.26 inches.

#3 Forks, WA - 99 inches. Poor Forks, the measurement is at Quillayute twelve miles away. But the rain is why Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series, based it there and made Forks a tourist destination!

#2 Metlakatla, AK - 101.63 inches.

#1 Hilo, Hawaii - 126.69 inches. It is a lovely place. But it's the proximity of the spectacular active volcano Kilauea about 30 miles away that puts people in hotel rooms, not the beaches. People go to the other side of the island to sunny, dry Kona for lying in the sun.

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