Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tri-Cities tea party harmed by Obama's IRS

Tri-Cities Tea Party was asked detailed question while their application was delayed for two years. Then theyy dropped their application. Was that the IRS's goal?

The first round of questions seemed reasonable - officers and such. But after over a year waiting the questions got intrusive. Seattle Times

Then, about a year ago, the group received a detailed second set of inquiries from the IRS, some of which seemed overly intrusive for a small organization, especially demands for addresses and affiliations of the group’s donors, Howard said.

“These are $10 and $20 donors. That’s when we figured they are trying to figure out a way to deny us the status,” Howard said. “We felt we were targeted.”

The Tri-Cities group responded to some of the additional questions, Howard said. But organizers considered others too invasive and considered joining a national lawsuit being planned by conservative legal advocates.

Howard said that after going back and forth with the IRS with no resolution, members of the group ultimately decided to just drop the nonprofit application, figuring they weren’t raising enough money to bother with it or trigger any federal rules.

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