Friday, May 17, 2013

Illegal fundraising by the controller of ObamaCare

Kathleen Sibelius has control over implementing ObamaCare. Writing all the regulations. Many of the 2,700 pages of the bill say "The Secretary of HHS shall determine…"

With such power she surely must make a huge effort to be fair. NOT. She is asking affected organizations for pay offs. She calls them donations to help communicate how common people can work their way through the rat's nest of regulation.

IT sure looks bad. "Asking for donations" means "Demanding payoffs."

New York Times

… The Robert Wood Johnson foundation is expected to contribute as much as $10 million, while H&R Block is expected to make a smaller donation of about $500,000, the officials said.

The senior Republican on the Senate health committee, Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, said the fund-raising “may be illegal.” He likened it to efforts by the Reagan administration to raise money for rebels fighting the leftist government of Nicaragua in the 1980s, after Congress had restricted the use of federal money. Aides to Mr. Alexander said Sunday that he would ask the Government Accountability Office, an investigative arm of Congress, to examine the propriety of the Obama administration’s fund-raising efforts.

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