Monday, May 06, 2013

Nanny Bloomberg and unsafe Brownsville, Brooklyn

Mail carriers are afraid to enter the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn. But Mayor Bloomberg is too busy to notice. He is measuring the size of sweet drinks [Puffington Host] and strutting his stuff with the national problem that gun ownership is legal. NPR

NY Post

Postmen are too scared to deliver letters and packages to one of Brooklyn’s most crime-ravaged neighborhoods, a US Postal Service worker told The Post yesterday.

“The neighborhood is bad,” the worker said outside the Brownsville Station Post Office on Bristol Street. “I wouldn’t want to go into those buildings.”

Snail mail that goes undelivered finds its way back to the post office, where it can stew for several days until a carrier decides to deliver it — or residents are forced to come pick it up.

“Have you seen this neighborhood? It’s on the news every day,” the terrified employee said.

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