Sunday, March 02, 2014

China's racial insults to Gary Locke

China, tell us how classy you are. On former Washington Governor Gary Locke's departure as US Ambassador, China's government newspaper said "Good bye" with racial insults.

China News Service called Locke a “rotten banana,” a guide dog for the blind and a plague. And, yes, it is an arm of the government. It also blamed him for Beijing's smog. This is interesting, because during his term the US Embassy daily posted the smog level, which is unhealthy every day and sometimes dangerous. He was showing their dirty laundry. Good for him! But how did he cause it!?

Seattle Times

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Jill Renshaw said...

well, what do you expect from those worthless, lying, good-for-nothing, fascist whores and authoritarian liars who populate the Chinese government?!?

Oh, they are quick enough to TAKE OFFENSE, even at innocent truthful remarks! But when it comes to racism, NOBODY can match the Chinese people for virulence and scumsucking dishonesty.